15 mobile app promotion tips

29 May, 2014 - By

You can have a good, useful, well-designed and special application, if it doesn’t reach your target audience. In the official app stores there are several million apps. Most of them have only a few hundred or less downloads. This is one reason to place more emphasis on promotion. Besides, thousands of new apps are published daily, so there is virtually no chance that someone discovers your app. If your aim is to stand out from the crowd here are some tips how to promote your app:

  1. First of all, you need to publish your app to the official app stores. In order to reach greater mass, publish your app to the alternative stores too. The latter are much more lenient. That is why you can upload apps or content, which would not be allowed to be uploaded to the official stores.
  2. Place a banner with the app’s download link on your website. In this way your site’s visitors are informed about your application.
  3. Write an article or blog post about your mobile app. Here you can describe the functions without limitations, which problem it solves, and why your app is better than the competitors’. You can illustrate the text with screenshots.
  4. Even better if you dedicate a menu item to the app on your website, where you publish all information about it.
  5. Those users, who visit your site from mobile devices, are more likely to download your app. You can make it easy for them by promoting your app with apop-up ad.
  6. Promote the app regularly in social media, too. Share it with your followers and ask their opinion. You can bring up the theme in appropriate forums and groups.
  7. Create a dedicated menu item on your social media sites, such as on your website.
  8. Make a video about how your app works, and upload it to your YouTube channel. An explanatory video can be useful for blog post or article.
  9. Notify your newsletter subscribers. Don’t forget to include the download link or QR code.
  10. Integrate the application’s download link in your corporate e-mails’ signature.
  11. You should publish a press release about the app, including screenshots, your website, the app’s download link and maybe its history.
  12. Send out the press release to blog owners and corresponding websites via personalized email. You can offer exclusive interview to the major media outlets.
  13. There are so-called application testing sites where the editors try and evaluate the application, and write an article about it. A positive description of a major site can multiply the application’s popularity.
  14. You can promote the app in printed publications. Place the app’s QR code in flyers, posters, catalogs, and in other promotional materials. In this way the potential users can easily download the app. (You can design your own QR code with one of the free QR code generator sites, like QR Hacker.)
  15. You can place a QR code even on business cards.

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