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We are a smartphone-obsessed mobile strategy consulting and mobile application developer team from Hungary. Our mission is to develop professional applications that are not only well-designed, but serve our clients’ communication, sales, marketing and promotional needs without compromise. By using the latest mobile technologies, and nearly 70 different test devices, we have been creating state-of-the-art mobile and related server-side solutions since 2009. We have a wide ranging customer base that includes multi-national companies from all over the world, as well as local small and medium-sized companies. Through unique and innovative solutions, we provide our clients access to the mobile world of the 21st century from any industry.


Our company’s history

Attrecto Zrt. was founded in 2009, under the name Atrecto Kft. In the beginning the seven founders developed mobile applications for Android. Later, demand for iOS and Windows Phone applications increased, and the company extended its profile. Besides mobile application development, other mobile-based solutions came to the forefront, such as motion-based technology, consultancy or education. Since the foundation of the company, it has operated helloandroid.com, one of the world’s largest Android developer portals. In early 2011 negotiations were started with Biggeorge’s NV Equity Venture Capital Fund – now known as X-Ventures – over capital investment, due to Attrecto’s successful operation. The agreement was signed in November 2011. Due to this capital investment the number of employees reached 30. Now 35 employee work at Attrecto and its portfolio includes many mobile-related services and solutions.


  • 2010 USA – Snaptic ‘Move your app” challenge 2nd and 4th place (5 Minutes Break) •
  • 2011 Kisalföld Prestige Award •
  • 2013 Appra Magyar (Hungarian app competition) – Best game app of the year (FilmDrops – Chili or Mango) •


Corporate social responsibility

We treat CSR as a matter of major importance and as part of our daily lives. Our goals are not only to provide high quality services, but to help the community and support valuable and interesting initiatives. Our CSR program covers the following areas:

  • • Charity
  • • Volunteering
  • • Training and education
  • • Environmentally friendly operation
  • • Family-friendly workplace



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