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Founded in 2010, Attrecto is regarded by clients in Europe and the U.S. as innovators in developing ​ ​next tech digital experiences​ — developing and applying new and emerging mobile, web, and digital technologies in ingenious and powerful ways. We help conceive, plan, develop, ​and apply​ optimized B2C and B2B multi platform mobile, web and other digital experience technologies, including apps, and related server-side solutions.


Headquartered in Hungary, our multilingual experts have delivered over 100 projects using the coolest, latest technologies for some of the great global customer brand names​ such as Audi, Telenor, SAP, GE, AIG, Humana, Vodafone, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, PricewaterhouseCoopers, as well as some of the most respected digital agencies in Europe and the US​, as well as for midsized companies, smaller enterprises and startups​. These have led to our inclusion on the 2016 Deloitte Tech Fast 50 List, ranking as the 18th fastest growing technology company in the central European region.

Our name means “touch” – referring to the interface between the human user and the code. Our capabilities extend far beyond the code itself. We produce user-easy, intuitive, people-friendly apps that are truly enjoyed by people for their look, feel, colors and functionality – not just merely “used.” We provide three client service offerings : Digital Discovery, Technology Consulting, and Custom Web and Mobile App/Software/Solution Development, including Outsourced Development. We deliver for clients significant cost advantages, time accelerated solutions, measurable business value and heightened ROI.


  • 2010 USA – Snaptic ‘Move your app” challenge 2nd and 4th place (5 Minutes Break) •
  • 2011 Kisalföld Prestige Award •
  • 2013 Appra Magyar (Hungarian app competition) – Best game app of the year (FilmDrops – Chili or Mango) •
  • 2016 Deloitte Fast 50 – 18th fastest growing Company in Central Europe •


Corporate social responsibility

We treat CSR as a matter of major importance and as part of our daily lives. Our goals are not only to provide high quality services, but to help the community and support valuable and interesting initiatives. Our CSR program covers the following areas:

  • • Charity
  • • Volunteering
  • • Training and education
  • • Environmentally friendly operation
  • • Family-friendly workplace



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