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The Academy Awards is being organized this weekend in Los Angeles, this is why we introduce the first app, that runs a Hungarian interactive series now, which is also unique in the whole world. The film series is creation of Filmdrops Productions Ltd.

On behalf of Filmdrops we developed the Android and iOS mobile application where you are included in developing the story from time to time. The episodes are only available through the Filmdrops app on smartphones and tablets. Every episode of the series is a date or a meeting, where you can follow the story of the main characters by turns.

During each episode you have the opportunity to influence the scene three times, and you can choose from two paths every time. At the decision points two icons indicate the possible sequences. You have eight second to make a decision. If you run out of time, the app decides instead of you. The number of bold arcs shows how many endings you have seen. If you guide the main character to the right decision, the app rewards you with stars. You have the opportunity to collect different badges (for example, if you watch all the storylines, share the series on Facebook, or you have taken every decision within one second, etc.)

episode_start_screen decision_point




We have developed the app using Apache Flex (formerly Adobe Flex).
Apache’s media management and cross-platform output played a major role in the selection of the software development tool. The framework has allowed us to develop the application simultaneously for Android and iOS.
In general, the framework allows you to easily build mobile applications for more platforms, as well as traditional applications for browser and desktop using the same programming model, tool, and codebase.
Of course, each platform has its own specialities, which have to be considered during development.We have developed the app using Apache Flex (formerly Adobe Flex).
The application is a framework, whose content components can be countinuously broaden and modify. This is very important from a business perspective. The app can display interactive content, moreover it can be broken with interactive advertisements. Due to this solution ads will be more interesting for the target audience. In case of interactive ads, the app can show different spots for different audience. For instance the app will play a washing powder advertisement for women between the ages of 25-45 years, where they can choose how the little boy makes his T-shirt dirty. Smudge it with mud during a football match or makes it dirty with chocolate cake. These kind of ads are more interesting than the average, furthermore it encourages the users to interact and helps to engage with the product or service.
Mobile applications offer excellent opportunities from  business perspective, because the apps are innovative and extremely widespread. Also, you can accurately target the audience and reach higher conversion rate per unit of invested amount as in case of other media.
Try the app now!
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