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Mobile strategy consulting

We offer not only a mobile application, but a comprehensive service package for our clients. We place special emphasis on creating the best possible customized mobile strategy for our partners. After analyzing the needs, business goals, strategy, processes, products and services of the client, we determine the main strategic directions and milestones. We transform ideas into mobile applications.

Mobile application specification

Great mobile applications are based on great specifications. For developers these details are essential,  as without them, they won’t know the customers’ concept. It is also good for customers to have because they’ll know exactly how their app will work, what it will look like, what features are included, etc. A poorly written development specification is likely to cause problems. For instance, the app cannot be delivered on time, on budget, and it is possible that the app will not match the customers’ initial vision.
We have great experience creating well-structured specifications for mobile apps. We define every single detail in order to meet the customers’ needs from general information, operation systems, features, and integrated services to server collaboration and graphic design. In the end, we provide screen designs and a wireframe which clearly illustrates what the app will look like and how it will work.



Mobile application development

We use world-class innovative technologies to develop Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 applications and provide mobile solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs. Attrecto’s 26 cross-platform developers have a combined 122 years of IT experience and 29 years of smartphone software development experience. Besides mobile app development we also develop complex systems with websites, administrative interfaces and databases. During development we use SCRUM methodology, therefore new features can be easily implemented during development processes. Our team are constantly in contact with clients, so they can easily keep track of the development’s different sections. Our graphic designers customize the apps’ appearance to the client company’s corporate image. Before publication and delivery, we test the apps in every case. Today, approximately 70 different smartphones and tablets are available to us, which means a perfect testing environment. Quality is especially important to us, therefore we have a full warranty for the apps we develop.

Graphic design

In order to reach high customer satisfaction the app’s user interface should be easy to use, the design should be clear, transparent and must fit the company’s corporate image. In the beginning of the design process we provide at least 2 different design plans to choose from. We are always open to suggestions, so customers can refine their visions during design.




The experienced employees in our sales and marketing department help introduce new applications to the market with helpful advice, which is supported by the latest market statistics and case studies. We maintain the apps in order to run without any problems on the latest version of the selected operating system, too. In addition, we can help with possible change requests and feature upgrades.

Turnkey solutions

Based on custom development projects we have developed different frameworks and we can use these frameworks to develop apps rapidly and cost-effectively. These comprehensive solutions have already proven themselves in a corporate environment.
With Instappbuilder (our mobile application creator framework) we can create low-cost, high-quality native mobile applications within a couple of days, especially for events, such as festivals, conferences and exhibitions. You can find more information about our solutions here.



Mobile app related front-end development

If your mobile app needs a web interface, or you are just planning to develop a website for your mobile app we can create it for you. We provide site building, content writing, and web design as well. Your app will be in perfect harmony with its website.

Mobile app related back-end development

Our end-to-end solutions allow us to deliver complex solutions including back-end development. In our experience a lot of mobile applications need administrative interface and database. Therefore we have been providing back-end development for mobile apps since 2009.


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