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Sales support tablet system

The easiest way to increase sales efficiency

Is your sales team tired of carrying lots of forms, brochures and documents? Do you want to improve your image toward your prospects? It’s time to replace your paper materials with our tablet system!

Our system is specifically designed to support direct sales processes. The system can handle complex product catalogues, and can contain interactive content like videos, pictures or even surveys to assess the customer’s needs. Something just changed in the portfolio? The app updates itself from the cloud automatically.
The system can manage contacts and leads, and is able to generate offers, then send them to the client in an email right away. It is also possible for management to monitor the team’s sales activities.

E-worksheet solution

The paperless worksheet solution


  • Employees can record work/process related data efficiently and errorlessly through a tablet
  • The data can be easily sent to a central database
  • The costs of slow, inaccurate paper-based data recording can be eliminated, and moreover, the process of copying data from paper to computer can also be saved
  • No paper, no printing, shorter administration process, fewer database errors, more ergonomic processes, more modern company image


  • Log any kind of data, choose data types from drop-down lists
  • Log data of the device/machine/gauge owner
  • Register signature (with a tablet pen or even with the client’s finger)
  • Assign devices/machines/gauges to owners
  • Browse open and closed worksheets
  • Synchronize with the central database

Additional features

  • Take photos and add them to client or machine data
  • Log GPS location, navigate to customer

Possible fields of use

  • Insurance companies can register damage with photos and signatures
  • Service desk and remote machine maintenance
  • Logistic services if a signature is needed at delivery
  • Gas, electricity, and water suppliers can use it for gauge authentication and installation
  • Any sales or maintenance activity

Mobile communication logger

Company phone call and SMS logger

Some companies require their employees to use company mobile devices (and not their own) for various reasons. In these cases, monitoring call and SMS activity through these devices is important. The Call Register is a call and short message logger solution for Android. SMS volume, call times and durations are recorded in the background and can be synced with the CRM system of the company, so managers can monitor staff, or trace a call if there is an issue.

Possible fields of use

  • Sales agents
  • Real estate industry
  • Call service industry

Mobile work time logger

Work hour logger on your smartphone

Many small and medium-sized companies lack an effective and ergonomic work time registration tool. Creating efficient daily routines is vital for every SME; this is why an easy-to-operate app that lets employees record their work time (even on their own mobile devices) is a perfect mobile SME solution.

A multi-platform work hour logger app, linked with the company’s central (accounting) database.

WorkTime has two front-end interfaces: a web-based interface (which is accessible via regular browsers), and native smartphone apps for every common platform (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).
WorkTime also comes with integrated GPS support, automated start/stop counter, and a vehicle tracking function.

Key benefits

  • Employees can access WorkTime wherever they are
  • No expensive equipment is needed (like terminals and kits, cards, and card readers)
  • With WorkTime the everyday routine of the whole company can be boosted
  • Fast and simple system installation
  • GPS support
  • NFC support
  • Statistics module

This solution is currently under development!

Agent navigator

Pick clients and plan the day!

This app supports agents in optimal itinerary planning. Especially useful when the data is gained from a CRM that the app is integrated with. This means no address entries are duplicated from CRM to GPS. Moreover, managers can always monitor the activity of the agents.


  • Add a new destination/client: the list is extendable with new points
  • Update: the server reloads the screen when necessary
  • Fulfilled route: the route is considered to be completed
  • Settings: shortest route, fastest route, avoid motorways

Possible fields of use

  • Real estate agencies: agents show several properties to prospective clients
  • Medical/Nursing agencies
  • Any kind of sales agencies working without preset appointments
  • Maintenance operations

Smart real estate package

Set of 4 apps especially for real estate agencies

Property data recorder app to log clients and the details of their properties, and to upload pictures and property data on the fly
Itinerary planner to plan more property introductions in a day
Call and SMS logger
Augmented Reality property finder app for clients

Key benefits
Quicker and smoother operation
More modern and professional image
Precise data collection and transmission to the central database

The AR component
The application displays the surrounding properties projected on the phone’s camera screen using Augmented Reality. Users can set up the radius within the properties to be displayed. The app also shows detailed information about and pictures of the individual properties. In addition it has a click-to-call function to the agent.

Product catalogues

For businesses with a wide product range

Problem / solution
It’s easy for a customer to get lost among a lot of products, especially if the customer doesn’t really know what they are looking for. Sometimes they don’t remember the name of a certain product, but they know some of their characteristics. Businesses want their customers to find the products/services they are looking for, and so they need to provide them the opportunity with a great mobile search solution (a product catalogue application) that has all their products and services listed and searchable.


  • Efficient search in a product database by many parameters
  • Detailed information about the products
  • Bookmarks
  • Contact the company
  • Order the product immediately

Possible fields of use

  • Book stores
  • Beauty product vendors
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Dating sites

Smart store finder

Store finder with extended parameters, full location database with search and navigation

Problem / solution
Sometimes it’s hard for loyal clients to find a specific store in an unknown city. This solution lets clients find and navigate to the closest shop. It saves time, and brings the brand closer to its clients.
It’s also hard to find stores that offer a certain set of products or services, even if the data is available somewhere online. Through the advanced search system users can find the most suitable store for their current demand. For example McDonald’s has many restaurants, but not every restaurant has a Drive-Thru/McDrive or playground.


  • General information
  • Detailed search by location and opening hours (extended set of search parameters and detailed filtering are also possible)
  • Store listing by distance
  • Map and turn-by-turn navigation

Possible fields of use

  • Companies with brick-and-mortar stores
  • Chain stores
  • Restaurants
  • Customer service points
  • National networks
  • National and multinational enterprises
  • State institutions
  • Organizations
  • Associations
  • Clubs
  • Communities

Smart coupon network

Fully integrated mobile coupon system

Problem / solution
It’s difficult for shopping malls and their stores to advertise together. The system collects all the discounts and coupons, the app attracts more customers and provides a great shopping experience. Stores can validate the mobile coupons through a web or mobile client, users can follow each others’ activity and share the used coupons on their social feeds.


  • List of shopping malls and their stores, sales and coupons
  • Search by store name, location and time
  • Registration in the app
  • In-app purchase
  • Rate and comment on products, offers
  • Invitations
  • Augmented reality
  • Wish list
  • Full social media integration

Possible fields of use

  • Many stores within a building, a mall or a city
  • Shopping malls and centers
  • Trading and business associations

Workforce management

Complex framework for workforce management

Problem / solution
Many employers have a hard time finding suitable manpower for urgent tasks or temporary jobs. Finding the best workforce is a difficult and slow process, but when you are pressed by time you need a quick and effective solution. WFM integrates all parties involved: individual workers, employers and staffing companies.

Functionality / key benefits

  • Full lifecycle work tracking
  • Financial management of employer, employee, and any third party involved
  • Continuous contact point between the employer and the employee
  • Customizable evaluation system
  • Work efficiency reports
  • Pre-screen and prioritize employees
  • Automatic work allocation in case of cancellation
  • Database management
  • Send newsletters and e-DM
  • Advertising

Possible fields of use
The WMF System was initially built to manage student work on a large scale, and can serve any kind of HR management organization.

Call service framework

The application connects service providers with clients through an IP-based connection

Problem / solution
The app collects professional service providers. There is no need to go through the Internet and negotiate payment because the prices are always stated. Phone expenses are prevented by the IP-based connection, so there are no additional phone costs. The app is perfect for solving extreme situations (e.g. when you are abroad). It is an easy way for service providers to make money because clients can change to “online” state any time in their profile, and they can receive calls independent of their location. It allows mobility for both parties because it is much easier to take your smart phone with you than your PC.


  • Registration, log-in
  • References from service providers
  • Search
  • Book an appointment upfront
  • Minute-based pricing
  • Easy and integrated payment
  • Rate and comment service providers
  • Favorites

Key benefits

  • Complimentary service – to increase customer satisfaction
  • Billed service – to generate revenue

Possible fields of use

  • Interpretation
  • Medical advisory
  • Online legal service
  • Consulting
  • Education

Interactive video framework

Interactive video content manager system with decision points and gamification

Problem / solution
The framework was created for a film series where viewers can influence the storyline of the main characters. However, it can be used in other areas, too.

Interactive learning materials
It is difficult to acquire skills that need practical visualization, in theory. Interactive learning paves the way for practical learning. Such applications are more efficient and make the learning process more interesting.

Interactive sales tutorials
Interactivity always makes the learning process more efficient and more fun. Industry-specific training materials dedicated to sales professionals can be developed.

Interactive job interviews
Putting applicants into different (soon to be solved) situations is often hard, if not impossible. Through the Interactive Video Content solution these situations can be stimulated, and the candidates’ reactions/decisions can be evaluated. Less effort is needed from the interviewer, and the decision is more objective and more effective. In addition, the interview is more exciting for the applicants, and the use of this solution will improve the company’s image.


  • Video tutorials
  • Decision points with returning
  • Rewards and badges
  • Performance evaluation and scoring
  • Create notes

Back-end interface
The content provider can

  • easily add new video content to the set
  • edit the existing set of videos
  • set decision points and rewards
  • encourage the viewer in several ways to consume the content

Possible fields of use
Interactive learning materials

  • Language schools
  • Training centers
  • E-learning companies
  • Foreign university students
  • Educational materials producing companies
  • Non-profit educational institutions
  • Interactive sales tutorials
  • Sales training centers/schools
  • Sales companies and companies with their own sales department
  • Interactive job interviews
  • HR companies and headhunters
  • Multinational companies
  • AC interviews, independent companies who organize and conduct ACs

Augmented Reality solutions

Display pictures, 3D animation of objects or vide, triggered by a marker or GPS coordinates


  • Touristic and educational purposes – sightseeing, what famous buildings, squares or sites looked like in the past – outdoor history class
  • City rehabilitation – how new buildings will look in the future
  • How would this picture or piece of furniture fit in my living room?
  • Educational videos in zoos

Possible fields of use

  • City centers, historical districts
  • Zoos, theme parks
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Construction companies

Native app creator framework

InstApp is an easy, quick and cost effective online mobile app creator tool

Problem / solution
InstApp users can create or order iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps online, without a single line of coding. But more than that, InstApp creates communication channels between the app owner and the target audience. App owners can edit the content of their apps at any time, and can send push notifications to their users.
As time goes on, more and more SMEs need a quick, cheap, flexible and reliable mobile solution that is in line with their sales or marketing goals. Stable and reliable apps can be created within a matter of days, and once the publication process is ready, the app owners can start distributing the app to their target audience.

Possible fields of use

  • Restaurants, cafés, pubs
  • Hotels, hostels
  • Fitness & wellness clubs, gyms
  • Music bands, DJs
  • Events, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences
  • Sport teams
  • Enterprises, institutions
  • Products & services

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