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E-worksheet solution

The paperless worksheet solution


  • Employees can record work/process related data efficiently and errorlessly through a tablet
  • The data can be easily sent to a central database
  • The costs of slow, inaccurate paper-based data recording can be eliminated, and moreover, the process of copying data from paper to computer can also be saved
  • No paper, no printing, shorter administration process, fewer database errors, more ergonomic processes, more modern company image


  • Log any kind of data, choose data types from drop-down lists
  • Log data of the device/machine/gauge owner
  • Register signature (with a tablet pen or even with the client’s finger)
  • Assign devices/machines/gauges to owners
  • Browse open and closed worksheets
  • Synchronize with the central database

Additional features

  • Take photos and add them to client or machine data
  • Log GPS location, navigate to customer

Possible fields of use

  • Insurance companies can register damage with photos and signatures
  • Service desk and remote machine maintenance
  • Logistic services if a signature is needed at delivery
  • Gas, electricity, and water suppliers can use it for gauge authentication and installation
  • Any sales or maintenance activity

Mobile communication logger

Company phone call and SMS logger

Some companies require their employees to use company mobile devices (and not their own) for various reasons. In these cases, monitoring calsl and SMS activity through these devices is important. The Call Register is a call and short message logger solution for Android. SMS volume, call times and durations are recorded in the background and can be synced with the CRM system of the company, so managers can monitor staff, or trace a call if there is an issue.

Possible fields of use

  • Sales agents
  • Real estate industry
  • Call service industry

Mobile work time logger

Work hour logger on your smartphone

Many small and medium-sized companies lack an effective and ergonomic work time registration tool. Creating efficient daily routines is vital for every SME; this is why an easy-to-operate app that lets employees record their work time (even on their own mobile devices) is a perfect mobile SME solution.

A multi-platform work hour logger app, linked with the company’s central (accounting) database.

WorkTime has two front-end interfaces: a web-based interface (which is accessible via regular browsers), and native smartphone apps for every common platform (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).
WorkTime also comes with integrated GPS support, automated start/stop counter, and a vehicle tracking function.

Key benefits

  • Employees can access WorkTime wherever they are
  • No expensive equipment is needed (like terminals and kits, cards, and card readers)
  • With WorkTime the everyday routine of the whole company can be boosted
  • Fast and simple system installation
  • GPS support
  • NFC support
  • Statistics module

This solution is currently under development!

Workforce management

Complex framework for workforce management

Problem / solution
Many employers have a hard time finding suitable manpower for urgent tasks or temporary jobs. Finding the best workforce is a difficult and slow process, but when you are pressed by time you need a quick and effective solution. WFM integrates all parties involved: individual workers, employers and staffing companies.

Functionality / key benefits

  • Full lifecycle work tracking
  • Financial management of employer, employee, and any third party involved
  • Continuous contact point between the employer and the employee
  • Customizable evaluation system
  • Work efficiency reports
  • Pre-screen and prioritize employees
  • Automatic work allocation in case of cancellation
  • Database management
  • Send newsletters and e-DM
  • Advertising

Possible fields of use
The WMF System was initially built to manage student work on a large scale, and can serve any kind of HR management organization.

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