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Interactive video framework

Interactive video content manager system with decision points and gamification

Problem / solution
The framework was created for a film series where viewers can influence the storyline of the main characters. However, it can be used in other areas, too.

Interactive learning materials
It is difficult to acquire skills that need practical visualization, in theory. Interactive learning paves the way for practical learning. Such applications are more efficient and make the learning process more interesting.

Interactive sales tutorials
Interactivity always makes the learning process more efficient and more fun. Industry-specific training materials dedicated to sales professionals can be developed.

Interactive job interviews
Putting applicants into different (soon to be solved) situations is often hard, if not impossible. Through the Interactive Video Content solution these situations can be stimulated, and the candidates’ reactions/decisions can be evaluated. Less effort is needed from the interviewer, and the decision is more objective and more effective. In addition, the interview is more exciting for the applicants, and the use of this solution will improve the company’s image.


  • Video tutorials
  • Decision points with returning
  • Rewards and badges
  • Performance evaluation and scoring
  • Create notes

Back-end interface
The content provider can

  • easily add new video content to the set
  • edit the existing set of videos
  • set decision points and rewards
  • encourage the viewer in several ways to consume the content

Possible fields of use
Interactive learning materials

  • Language schools
  • Training centers
  • E-learning companies
  • Foreign university students
  • Educational materials producing companies
  • Non-profit educational institutions
  • Interactive sales tutorials
  • Sales training centers/schools
  • Sales companies and companies with their own sales department
  • Interactive job interviews
  • HR companies and headhunters
  • Multinational companies
  • AC interviews, independent companies who organize and conduct ACs

Augmented Reality solutions

Display pictures, 3D animation of objects or vide, triggered by a marker or GPS coordinates


  • Touristic and educational purposes – sightseeing, what famous buildings, squares or sites looked like in the past – outdoor history class
  • City rehabilitation – how new buildings will look in the future
  • How would this picture or piece of furniture fit in my living room?
  • Educational videos in zoos

Possible fields of use

  • City centers, historical districts
  • Zoos, theme parks
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Construction companies

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