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Smart real estate package

Set of 4 apps especially for real estate agencies

Property data recorder app to log clients and the details of their properties, and to upload pictures and property data on the fly
Itinerary planner to plan more property introductions in a day
Call and SMS logger
Augmented Reality property finder app for clients

Key benefits
Quicker and smoother operation
More modern and professional image
Precise data collection and transmission to the central database

The AR component
The application displays the surrounding properties projected on the phone’s camera screen using Augmented Reality. Users can set up the radius within the properties to be displayed. The app also shows detailed information about and pictures of the individual properties. In addition it has a click-to-call function to the agent.

Sales support tablet system

The easiest way to increase sales efficiency

Is your sales team tired of carrying lots of forms, brochures and documents? Do you want to improve your image toward your prospects? It’s time to replace your paper materials with our tablet system!

Our system is specifically designed to support direct sales processes. The system can handle complex product catalogues, and can contain interactive content like videos, pictures or even surveys to assess the customer’s needs. Something just changed in the portfolio? The app updates itself from the cloud automatically.
The system can manage contacts and leads, and is able to generate offers, then send them to the client in an email right away. It is also possible for management to monitor the team’s sales activities.

Mobile communication logger

Company phone call and SMS logger

Some companies require their employees to use company mobile devices (and not their own) for various reasons. In these cases, monitoring calsl and SMS activity through these devices is important. The Call Register is a call and short message logger solution for Android. SMS volume, call times and durations are recorded in the background and can be synced with the CRM system of the company, so managers can monitor staff, or trace a call if there is an issue.

Possible fields of use

  • Sales agents
  • Real estate industry
  • Call service industry

Workforce management

Complex framework for workforce management

Problem / solution
Many employers have a hard time finding suitable manpower for urgent tasks or temporary jobs. Finding the best workforce is a difficult and slow process, but when you are pressed by time you need a quick and effective solution. WFM integrates all parties involved: individual workers, employers and staffing companies.

Functionality / key benefits

  • Full lifecycle work tracking
  • Financial management of employer, employee, and any third party involved
  • Continuous contact point between the employer and the employee
  • Customizable evaluation system
  • Work efficiency reports
  • Pre-screen and prioritize employees
  • Automatic work allocation in case of cancellation
  • Database management
  • Send newsletters and e-DM
  • Advertising

Possible fields of use
The WMF System was initially built to manage student work on a large scale, and can serve any kind of HR management organization.

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