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The first outcome of the Call Service Framework developed by Attrecto. In this article we are going to introduce you our latest development, the Call Service Framework.
This is suitable to support the remote work of interpreters, psychologists, therapists or lawyers.

Users can choose from a qualified list of professionals. They can use the service in a pre-scheduled time. Professionals can apply to provide their service via the app. Paypal in-app payment is implemented, so customers can pay straight after they have used the service. Invoices are sent based on call durations.

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The framework consists of an Android and an iPhone app, which are accompanied with an admin interface, where administrators can follow invoices and can qualify service providers checking their uploaded certificates.
The service is based on an IP-phone solution, provided by IP-Telekom. Starting a call you need internet connection. A HTTP request is sent to the Call Center sending the cell phone number of both the caller (customer) and the call receiver (interpreter). The Call Center calls the interpreter first. If the interpreter is available and answers the phone the Call Center calls the customer immediately. When they are already in GSM connection no more internet connection is needed. The duration of the call is logged by the Call Center, who is forwarding this time data to the Server. The invoice is automatically sent based on the call duration. Paid and unpaid invoices are available in the app. Customers have 24 hours to pay the bills. If a call is less than 15 seconds, it is treated as failed, so no invoice will be activated. If a customer does not pay within 24 hours, he or she can’t make another call.
Do you need translation but you don’t know a trusted interpreter?
Download the interpreter app and choose from hundreds of rated and certified translators. Payment is easy. Pay the interpreter directly after the work in the app.
Are you an interpreter and looking for work?
Register in the app, make yourself online and wait for the call. You will get paid after every minute of your translation. Payment is transferred to your PayPal account.
When we developed the interpreter app a framework was in our mind. Instead of developing just a single app for interpreters we wanted to provide a solution for therapists, lawyers and even for fortune tellers. They can advertise their service in a dedicated app where users can choose from hundreds of qualified professionals. They can quickly set up an appointment, and pay after their spent minutes.
Interpreter app is the first but hopefully not the last piece of the call service app family.
Try the app now!
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