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          Under Attrecto’s Team as a Service offering, clients get quick access to a cohesive team of cross-platform developers, UI/UX designers, QA professionals and support engineers

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          Developing user-friendly and intuitive apps and web interfaces that are truly enjoyed by people for their quality, look, feel, colors and functionality – not just merely “used.”

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          Get a comprehensive technology and/or UX/CX review on your project through our pre-development workshop. Business value in just 48 hrs with a Deloitte fast 50 company!

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Adobe Experience Manager Development

Adobe Experience Manager brings your content management system (CMS) and digital asset management (DAM) together

Customers today are more savvy, more demanding and more empowered. Launch a new microsite. Keep the content relevant. Translate and localize. Make sure it displays just as beautifully on a 5.5-inch smart phone as it does on a 27-inch desktop. For your marketing and IT teams, keeping up with these demands is a tall order, especially if your web content management platform isn’t up to the task. In order to attract and retain them, enterprises need to incorporate relevant content that is optimized for each interaction.

Adobe Experience Manager Features

Adobe CMS

Comprehensive content management solution for building websites and all of their complementary applications, paperless forms and online communities

Adobe Experience Manager Forms

Responsive forms are the start. Enrolment should be easy from start to finish. With fragment-based authoring, reuse content to quickly build multiple forms or communications.

AEM Components

Out-of-the-box components help marketers deliver content, custom components give developers flexibility and room to innovate

Adobe Experience Manager Assets

AEM doesn’t just help you manage your internal assets, it has an entire library of tools that allow you to better track and more effectively use your external communications, like social media, too.

Adobe Experience Manager Skillset

Core Java
HTML Template Language
Apache Sling
External service
Scrum & Jira
AEM component development
JCR (Apache Jackrabbit Oak)
OSGi (Apache Felix)
Multisite Management

“With Adobe Experience Manager it has become easier for our whole team to manage our online presence and create campaigns at ease.
And the team at Attrecto provided the guidance and tech savvy we needed during development.  “

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