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          Under Attrecto’s Team as a Service offering, clients get quick access to a cohesive team of cross-platform developers, UI/UX designers, QA professionals and support engineers

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        • Project Based Development

          Developing user-friendly and intuitive apps and web interfaces that are truly enjoyed by people for their quality, look, feel, colors and functionality – not just merely “used.”

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        • Pre-Development Planning

          Get a comprehensive technology and/or UX/CX review on your project through our pre-development workshop. Business value in just 48 hrs with a Deloitte fast 50 company!

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The Attrecto Blog is your go-to place for software development essentials

development methodology

SCRUM in a nutshell

The “manifesto” for agile software development starts with a curious sentiment:  “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”  It’s not that there isn’t value in the stuff on the right, continues the manifesto. It’s that the stuff on the left is even

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UX/UI Design

UI/UX planning and implementation

UI/UX planning at Attrecto With the development of the Internet and mobile applications, the term of User Experience (UX) has become a keyword of product development. In recent years, all people are talking about user experience, it seems that everyone

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Software Estimation

The truth about the accuracy of software estimations

Have you ever heard of a “Standish Chaos Report”? Trust software developers to come up with fantastic terms for an otherwise prescient trend occurring in development projects: the incidence of project failures and the factors that contribute to them.The failure

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