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Chatting quickly became one of the mainstream communication channels globally, whereby Chat as a User Interface, or UI (also called conversational UI), may even be the most significant step in the evolution of human-machine interaction. 6 out of 10 most used apps are messaging apps

The Attrecto Chatbot Framework enables us to quickly and efficiently deploy chatbot instances to the most used chat platforms such as Facebook’s Messenger, Viber and even a custom web-widget according to the needs of our clients, so that the level of sales and marketing, engagement, customer service, or even in-house process-efficiency can meet the ever increasing standards.


  • Definition of goals
  • Audience discovery
  • Competition landscape
  • Selected platforms
  • Situation mapping
  • Functional priorities
  • Personality development
  • Flow and Logic of the conversation
  • Tech Stack
  • Analyze

Continuous training and development

Attrecto Chatbots may be trained through verified machine learning techniques and evolve as usage grows and as new needs and value-creation opportunities arise.

Powered by our chatbot framework


Digital Transformation – Going paperless with a chatbot

  • The chatbot checks if the passenger was indeed on the delayed/late flight
  • The prepaid card, if accepted, is then activated for use via wallet app/airline app
  • If the delay was significant, the chatbot offers other compensation options


  • Significant time saved on these transactions compared to paper based
  • New communication channel for the airline to reach customers
  • Collect additional data about the customers, survey them for new feature ideas

Future Scenario

  • AI powered, automatic compensation through the chatbot
  • Prediction based conversations
  • Adding new data sources such as location sharing, weather etc.
  • Introducing new functions for the bot to handle from ticket purchase to complaint management


HBO Central Europe has multiple Facebook pages in 6 languages 
HBO wants to introduce customers to a new channel, chatting
HBO created a chatbot on their Facebook page

User acquisition and customer feedback

  • The chatbot was introduced by a Game of Thrones trivia
  • Users were competing against each other, the users with the quickest and most correct answers received the rewards
  • Complemented by a Customer Service feature
  • Users started flooding to complete the Trivia
  • Filled out a questionnaire/survey to access HBO GO usage
  • Users returned to send customer service related messages


  • 40,000 users in 3 weeks and growing
  • Increased HBO GO sign ups by 40%
  • Gathered actionable data to add new functions to the chatbot


Two folded use case

  • Lead generation and user acquisition through chatbots
  • Chat as a UI implemented with a chatbot


  • Users are being qualified for certain products using a gamified approach
  • More efficient credit offers, as the customer’s application is pre-qualified
  • On premise running using Attrecto’s own Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Replacing complex visual interface


  • Increased account activities and account openings
  • More relevant conversions, thanks to pre-qualifications

Future Scenarios

  • Adding Chat as a UI to more apps and platforms where users are active
  • Based on spending, money saved, offering personalized investment plans
  • More integrations
  • Adding self improving bots to other sales-related scenarios