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Discover the hottest, most beneficial strategies for customer data collection, personalization, and CX!


  • To use Machine Learning to create personalized CX.
  • Brands can build intimate relationships with their customers?
  • To lay the foundation for personalized digital experiences with data-driven design.

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Using your customers’ psychological data, positioning your product within the appropriate cultural category, and strengthening the beliefs that you want to be associated with throughout your communication form the basis for creating a human-like brand that customers can easily bond with.


CX has become one of the most vital measures of success for companies today. The way customers are treated can make or break any purchasing deal. Consequently, organizations are giving up on the notion of over-automatizing their processes and are turning toward personalization schemes. The customer is now in the focus, and personalized omnichannel approaches that utilize AI and Machine Learning are the keys to satisfied, loyal customers.


Creating a personalized, customer-focused journey begins with the review of new ideas (or existing solutions) from business, design, and data perspectives, followed by rapid, data-driven prototype building and data virtualization.

Webinar RECAP

You know the importance of customer data as well as the advantages it brings – but do you know how to get it and use it for delivering personalized CX?

Our webinar explored the greater theme of Customer Experience from three essential perspectives: technology, the relationship dynamics between brands and customers, and personalization.

In technology, the two prevailing trends of individual customer management and predictive personalization opened a new horizon of AI and Machine Learning applications. In his presentation, Gergely Kiss, Attrecto CEO breaks down these examples for the essential requirements of successful technological implementation.

Building a brand that is recognized and liked is built on the process of creating positive associative links. Brands that leverage the connection between a customer’s identity and their products in a competent and empathetic way can build the kind of relationships that make customer happy, satisfied, and loyal. Lili Kunfalvi, Ynsight Market Research Professional delves into the underlying psychology and outlines how companies can establish intimate bonds with their customers.

Successful personalization solutions depend on the smart blending of data and design. It is done to achieve popular business objectives, such as increased revenue, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and retention, and it has its set of well-known challenges. But there are many more factors beneath these challenges, and companies often lose track of what they should focus on and when. Armin Gulbert, Co-Founder of Nextwit dives to the depths and shows what an efficient personalization journey looks like.

Check out what the experts discussed at length and allow your business 
to triangulate its ideal CX strategy 


Gergely Kiss

CEO at Attrecto & Artificial Intelligence enthusiast

Ármin Gulbert

Business Designer and Co-owner at Nextwit

Lili Kunfalvi

Market Research Professional and Expert in Consumer Behaviour

Márton Horváth

Data Management and Technology Lead at Nextwit


Leverage our expertise in collecting relevant customer data and creating AI-powered, personalized CX that drives customer loyalty and retention

We offer full-cycle web and mobile software and data engineering, outsourcing solutions, and the guaranteed creation of software-based customer experiences to our clients, providing them with significant cost advantages, measurable business value, as well as heightened ROI.

Our development projects are highly customer-centric; we translate exact business needs into high-tech solutions that can transform our clients into digital role models of their industries.

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